In the world of "Shards of the Universe," there are many types of universe. The Dark Star Archer is a story within one of the universe. The Dark Star Archer is a chronicle of a legendary hero, Chi-sung. The first chapter of the Dark Star Archer begins with Chi-sung's epic adventure.

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"I will not not avoid anymore"

There was a young man living in a village called Chokcheong. Because of his childhood living in the wildness for years, people of the village thought of him ominous. Marked as an exile, he leads a solitary life of nature. One day, an unexpected big change takes over his lfie.

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"Hmm... I smell the money."

She is the only daughter of a famous merchant, ‘Sa-rahan’. Sa-wha is smart and sly. Thus, many people were cautious toward her. However, she has righteous principles. She has an excellent talent in merchandise. She establishes her own merchant group without her father’s support. Because of heavy tariffs of Bong-ryong plain, she begins new business, pioneering commercial pursuits.

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"Stupid humans! You're asking for trouble!"

The mystic guardian of Narebeomrang Highland. Her roar convulses the realm. With her presence, weak beings turn into ice. She is wise and dislikes any destruction of life. But no one in the past, who had left her raged, remains alive.

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